Our process


Driving the creation of unique and
effective solutions.


Delivering more refined and user-
centered outcomes.


Informed decisions and the
identification of areas for further
improvement and optimization.

Guided by design thinking principles,
together we'll go through the following

Discovery design sprint

Scoping sprint


Defining product strategy

Understand the product goals,
business objective, problem
statement, user needs, and


Defining product features

Create and prioritize user personas,
create journey maps and feature


Create concept validation

Iterating through low-fidelity
wireframes of the solution



Creating a testable interactive
prototype with all the
important user journeys that
can be tested as early as
possible to save resources


Presentation and feedback

Resenting an assessment of
technical requirements and a
rough development roadmap

Production sprints

Iterative, 2-week sprints

Every project requires a unique approach, one that is backed by software technologies, and a team of experienced developers, managers, and designers to fulfill the project promises. Leveraging proven agile methodology and concepts, we will deliver end-to-end custom products with a set of iterative activities separated into a series of production sprints.

Each sprint is 2-week long and will produce tangible and testable results.

Sprint planning stage

  • Breaking down themes and epics into tasks to create a sprint backlog
  • Task prioritization
  • Creating and assigning a “done” definition to each task

Development stage

  • Daily scrum - discussion about what has been completed, what is the current task to work on, and any issues that are blocking the work.

Sprint feedback and analysis stage

  • Sprint review to improve the sprint outcome with a focus on the product, checking product increments
  • Sprint retrospective to build a habit of continuous process improvement, discussion about roadblocks, workflow issues, and team dynamics
  • Product increment release