United Group

A decade of a highly successful partnership is the best foundation for future growth

Our collaboration with TELE2 empowered us to manage the telco's transition to Telemach, the leading alternative telecom in the SEE region and a part of the United Group. Binom became the regional partner for the entire group, enabling us to implement our rapid-development framework in three countries, with plans for three more.

For more than a decade, we've been developing various digital products for TELE2 Croatia, which recently became a part of United Group, a family of prominent SEE brands like Telemach, Nova, Wind, and many more. Binom is a proud regional web and e-commerce solutions partner for the entire group.

Partnership with TELE2 — a decade of success based on deep insight

The collaboration with TELE2 started in 2011. Our e-commerce solutions increased web sales by ten times. Following this success, we became a partner for automation and process integration.

In 2014, we created the Telesales app, a solution for telephone sales for complex products and services. The sales tripled in all indirect sales channels. The project was so successful that the TELE2 call center expanded its activity to sales, resulting in more agents doing sales than support.

In 2015, we created — a self-care web, iOS, and Android app aimed at reducing stress on customer support. It excelled on AppStore and Google Play. The stress-reduction was so successful that TELE2 needed only a team of two people to handle product support for the app that had over 400,000 users.

These consecutive successes stem from gaining deep insight into the client's business model and products, as well as exploring the technologically complex telco domain. Our teams managed the full product cycles, gaining unparallel technical and organizational skillsets. Implementation times and overall success of each of the projects became shorter the earlier we were involved in the planning of these activities.

United Group counts on our expertise and critical thinking. During our decade-long partnership, we experienced a paradigm shift in our development process. We learned to develop support-first solutions that require minimal technical support and allow us to focus on continuous development rather than maintenance.

A rapid transition from TELE2 to Telemach

By taking over Tele2, United Group bought not only the brand but also the entire company. Thus, we had to migrate all the central systems: website, automated shopping processes, self-care, logistics processes, and telesales. The challenge was to adapt all our solutions to work with new central systems, migrating some of the solutions to existing United Group platforms or transforming our previous solutions to become standalone services the group can use elsewhere.

The telecom industry relies on intensive marketing, so TELE2 went through four major rebrandings (Gregor the black sheep, Revolution, Circus, and Tele2 Group UX). Transitioning required a completely new Telemach webshop showcasing a new offer and new products.

Both central system migration and webshop development were realized for several months during the COVID-19 pandemic in cooperation with the United Group IT team from Belgrade we never met in person. In the telco industry, these kinds of migrations of complex systems usually last for years.

Rapid-development framework for reduced production cost

Immediately after the Telemach transition, we realized the migration of the Greek telecom Nova. At the end of June 2022, we migrated Telemach Slovenia to our platform.

Our solutions are multi-tenant or instance, depending on the implementation territory. We created a rapid-development framework enabling our core system to be reused in Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, and other SEE countries.

The result in a nutshell: once developed features for one market can be easily implemented in another, dramatically reducing development and support costs for the client.