Erste Card d.o.o.

Cloud-hosted solution for paperless financial services

After creating an app for 150k+ users in Croatia, we used the accumulated experience to develop native iOS and Android apps that offer digital expense management for the Slovenian market, used by 10k+ customers.

Erste Card d.o.o. has been active since 1992, taking over the licenses for Diners Club in Slovenia in 2013. At the end of 2020, the company was ready for a bold step in digital transformation, launching the D-Mobile app.

Expense management anytime, anywhere

The goal was clear and ambitious — to create a completely digital, cloud-hosted platform that offers all the services of a brick-and-mortar office, from onboarding to transactions.

We developed native apps that allow users to manage their expenses and accounts anytime. They can easily check their card balance, manage their installment payment, and check their reward points and discounts. D-Mobile offers a simple web onboarding process where users can request their cards in a few clicks. 

Industry-specific knowledge applied to a new product

In 2019, we collaborated with ERSTE Club Croatia to create EMA, the first application in the Croatian market with a fully digital onboarding for new users. We explored the regulatory requirements and technological possibilities to develop reliable solutions for video identification, ID document management, and money laundering prevention. 

While developing EMA, we've also conceived a mobile app development process that enables more efficient release management, considering the often rigid core systems of financial institutions. The knowledge we've gained was transferred to the D-Mobile production process, resulting in smarter and more efficient design and development.