A revolutionary financial tool based on an advanced algorithm by a Nobel Prize winner

Investors who want to expand their portfolios with South-East European companies can now leverage the power of native Android and iOS apps that create a personalized investing experience driven by a powerful optimization algorithm. 

InterCapital Asset Management Ltd. manages investment funds and individual portfolios for a large base of institutional and individual investors who want to increase exposure to the markets of South-East Europe. We developed Genius to enable investors to receive all the benefits of personalized service and expertise online with strong and consistent yields.

Genius for ingenious investing

Genius is a mobile app with an intuitive interface that guides investors toward realizing an individual financial plan based on personal goals and circumstances. The personalized investment plan is calculated instantly using an objective algorithm instead of the subjective estimate of a financial advisor. 

We leveraged the advanced algorithm by Nobel Prize winner Harry Markowitz to create an investment portfolio with the best investment classes and manage it according to an individual financial plan created for each user. The algorithm continuously monitors the investment results and optimizes the portfolio if necessary.

Because the investors care about finding bespoke solutions, we designed and developed a mobile app that gives a clear insight into what they can gain.  

Genius in action

By registering and logging into their account, investors have full insight and control over their transaction management. They can change their investment goal, amount of expected earnings, maximum acceptable risk level, investment duration, and the number of monthly payments or payouts. With each change, the financial plan is recalculated, and a new expected return at the end of the defined period is presented to the user.

During the registration process, the investors need to verify their identity and credit card. We integrated Microblink’s solution for ID scanning and liveness detection for secure ID verification. The process is simple, can be done anywhere, and takes only seconds. It provides an additional layer of security for the client and increased protection against fraud and identity theft.

Our full-service approach

Genius was conceived and developed by our interdisciplinary team through these phases:

  • A codebase that can run on any platform specified by the client
  • Secure, always accessible codebase via GitHub
  • Demo environment for testing purposes
  • A product that will pass test cases with flying colors