United Group
Solution Development Case Study
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United Group
Solution Development Case Study
United Group is the leading multi-play telecom and media provider in Southeast Europe. United Group is a unicorn with over €2 billion in annual revenue, over 14.000 employees that provides telecommunication services to over 4,5 million homes in 8 countries.

Binom is a regional partner of United Group and is responsible for managing and continuously improving the telecom digital solutions portfolio in the region. This partnership is a continuation of a 10-year-old relationship with Tele2. In January 2021 United Group acquired Tele2 Croatia and we were given the task to introduce the Telemach brand to the Croatian Market. In October 2021, next came a Greek telco brand NOVA followed by the latest Telemach project in Slovenia in June 2022.

Currently we manage web e-commerce and Telesales indirect sales channel as well as numerous layers of integrations, process automation and logistics in 3 distinct markets with the ever-expanding scope.

We share the same infrastructure goals in terms of platform design, presentation and logic decoupling, code reusability and support practices. And this shows in both rapid development and continuous improvement ambitions and goals that are set in front of us.


Prior to the acquisition by United Group, Binom was a reliable partner for Tele2 Croatia for nearly a decade. We started our successful partnership in September 2011 with the first measurable effect – the 10x increase in e-commerce performance. 3 years later after numerous integration projects we delivered the Telesales platform, which yielded in an additional 3x increase of overall indirect sales channels. Quickly after that we build the best-in-group and best-in-market selfcare platform (Moj Tele2).

Over the years our applications were used by over 400.000 customers daily. We survived 4 rebranding events and have learned how to “live with the product”.