Being on the market since 2006, we rely on Microsoft technologies and we are oriented to the development of functional web eCommerce solutions, intelligent modular applications and the centralized Content Management and Business Process Management Systems.

Our energy and expertise are invested in each and every project in order to provide our customers with tailored solutions created for their own specific needs and accomplished through development of unique and flexible applications. Uniqueness, speed and reliability are achieved through our own SizifFW development platform created exclusively by Binom. We are constantly upgrading SizifFW development platform in order to make application deployment even simpler and more reliable.

Our inspiration and driving force is found in continuous progress, improvements and achievement of synergic effects through the combination of different technologies embedded within our solutions.

Our team consists of 11 individuals of diverse profiles assuring us with innovative approach in managing and development of any solution by nurturing idea sharing environment. Each team member has the opportunity to improve the project, share its own view towards solving some specific problem, where differences in ideas are perceived as a chance to improve professional skills of each team member.

Majority of our clients come from Croatia and USA, although we have successfully cooperated with various large and medium-sized companies from the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Slovenia, etc.

The projects are of different profiles and they mostly consist of responsive web applications, ERP and CRM solutions, various types of business applications, B2C and B2B web and mobile applications.

In terms of our client partnerships we point out that Binom is regional partner for Tele2. Considering long-term cooperation we would like to single out Croatian Telecom, Erste Card, Croatian Ministry of Health, Shooster and Timberland.