Binom is a custom software development agency based in Zagreb, Croatia with over 15 years of experience in telecommunications, e-commerce and fin-tech industries.

We have seen it all and done it all.
If you can describe a problem, we can deliver a solution.
We thrive in solving complex projects and love to raise the bar in project delivery.

Binom is both a creative force needed to bootstrap a project and a reliable partner that will develop and sustain it over time. We deliver quality in all stages of product development - concept, UX, web and mobile app development.

Because of our people who believe that no challenge is too great
and by taking an extra mile in everything we do, we deliver unique solutions that make you feel like

is possible.


We are a collective of 20+ talented individuals who love to empower our clients to reach their full potential.

We strongly live by our core values


We adapt to all situations.


We deliver on our promises.


We bring ideas to life.


We are here to stay.


We truly care.


We value unique thinking and ideas.

Business modeling
and project management
Application design
and consulting
Ux and
UI design
Business modeling
and project management
Application design
and consulting
Ux and
UI design
  1. Deep dive analysis - Our data-focused approach helps us to gain a deep understanding of the project goals, business demands and the market, so we can ensure that each initiative on our development roadmap delivers a meaningful impact to our clients and end-users.
  2. Ideation and design - We love ideas. Simple, smart, creative ideas that fit perfectly to project objectives and demands. Ideation process is a collaborative process with the client that results in defining product’s functionalities, capabilities and uncovering its added value.
  3. Future-proof development - Creating a clean, efficient and flexible codebase is embedded in our DNA. We are aware that getting into production is only the first step out of many.
  4. Strategic deployment - Exposing your idea to the world for the first time can be a rocky ride so it is imperative to prepare for “First Contact”. We will design a roll-out plan that is both manageable and testable.
  5. Continuous development and support - Our solutions are designed to be resilient and versatile. They grow alongside the project, react to market challenges and changes in the runtime, and gracefully scale with the increase in both features and users.

Over the past 15 years, our team has delivered numerous projects in long-term partnerships that transformed our client’s business with top-notch tech solutions. Majority of our clients come from Croatia and USA, although we have successfully cooperated with various large and medium-sized companies from the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Slovenia, etc.

Our clients are our brand ambassadors:
over 90% of our projects come from referrals.

In 2022 Binom received a certificate for
Platinum Creditworthiness